Pete Davidson, 25, rants at UCF students in tirade: ‘You’re all f–king retarded’

“Saturday Night Live” comedian Pete Davidson unloaded on University of Central Florida students after noticing several had their cell phones out during his free performance Monday night during the school’s welcome week comedy show.

Calling the students “little f–ks,” Davidson paused his performance for several minutes to condemn students in the crowd for using cell phones while he was onstage, telling them, “I don’t have to do these shows.”

He allegedly threatened to tell other comedians not to perform at the university: “My favorite part about Pete Davidson at UCF is when he told us we were lame and that he could just text up all his comedian friends and they would never come to our school,” one student tweeted.

Davidson, 25, told the crowd to “grow the f–k up,” adding, “That’s why the world is going to end in 25 years, because you’re all f–king retarded.”

The crowd at UCF’s annual “Comedy Knight” is largely comprised of incoming freshmen. Although the event is free for students, talent does receive a booking rate that is financed by an activity fee included in tuition costs, according to the Central Florida Future.

While Davidson may not have been a hit, several students took to Twitter to applaud the two comics who opened for him. Past comics who’ve performed at UCF without incident include John Mulaney, Ali Wong and Aziz Ansari.

AOL has reached out to UCF for comment.

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