Patricia Arquette Apologizes For Onstage F-Bomb, Says “Diversity Is Starting To Pay Off For Hollywood” – Golden Globes Backstage

“You can’t take it back can you? I didn’t plan that. It was an unplanned f-bomb,” said Patricia Arquette, apologizing for her onstage profanity during her acceptance speech after winning the Golden Globe Award for her lead acting performance as Joyce “Tilly” Mitchell in the Showtime miniseries Escape at Dannemora.

Backstage, Arquette talked about being inspired by her character. “I feel like I see a lot of Joyce in the world. I think Joyce is an invisible person in the world. I think she has low-grade depression, and I think a lot of America has had low-grade depression for a couple years now,” she joked.

After apologizing profusely for the “unplanned f-bomb” during her acceptance speech, Arquette also touched on filming at the actual prison where the true story took place. “This prison was built at the turn of the century,” she said. “You’re walking down the halls, and then dead ends. You don’t know what’s around the corner. It’s really cold in the winters. There are people with untreated mental illness. It’s scary to work in there, and it’s scary to be a prisoner… just looking at the prison complex in America and the intensity of the prison system on everybody involved, it was really interesting.”

Speaking to reporters, Arquette, who is notoriously outspoken about representation, gave her take on the direction of entertainment. “I’m really glad to see some of these films are getting opportunities,” she said. “Hollywood always responds when they see so much revenue coming from it. I think diversity is starting to pay off for Hollywood and it probably always would have. I’m hoping to see more of a trend towards that.”

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