Paris Jackson Checks Into Rehab For Alcohol Abuse Amid Downward Spiral

Troubled Paris Jackson secretly checked into rehab for drinking and mental health issues in mid-December after a rocky road of self-destruction, can exclusively report.

Worried friends claimed the wild child – who has struggled with self-harm and drug problems in the past – had been out of control, and her rocker boyfriend  Gabriel Glenn told them she had to go to treatment once again.

In the last pictures taken of the 20-year-old on December 9, she looked paler than her late father Michael as she huddled in a blanket, loading a friend’s van with musical equipment.

The star has also been absent from social media since her last Tweet on December 14.

“She wasn’t around to spend the holidays with her family, and she missed their vacation as well,” a source said of brothers Prince and Blanket’s trip to Japan.

“A lot of people have been worried about her for a while now.”

In the weeks before she vanished from the spotlight, Jackson had been attempting to distance herself from her own famous family.

“Paris has said when she is 21 she wants nothing to do with her family,” the source claimed. “She’s in her own world and wants her own life — but she is going downhill.”

Jackson has previously spoken about her addiction, suicide attempts and even revealed she was sexually assaulted when she was just 14. She has spent multiple stints in treatment.

“She’s fallen in with the rock n’ roll crowd in Los Angeles and there are some very bad characters in that scene who are into drugs and have no money, and they love nothing more than taking impressionable young rich girls on a death trip,” the source said. “It never ends well.”

ET was first to report Jackson had reentered treatment.

Radar exclusively revealed her family felt she was spiraling out of control again in November, though she publicly denied there was any problem at the time.

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