Paris Hilton’s bridal shower had the RHOB and a champagne vending machine

Paris Hilton will be married in less than a month. According to Page Six, the invitations have gone out and the date is set for November 11th. So of course, all the pre-wedding festivities have been taking place to make sure Paris (and her Peacock wedding reality show) has the full bridal experience. She and fiancé Carter Reum had a joint Bachelor /Bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas a week ago. This past weekend it was time for Paris’ bridal shower, which was hosted by her sister Nicky, her mother Kathy and friend Tina Chen. The Alice in Wonderland shindig was held at Kathy’s home and the guest-list was made up mainly of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But the real story here is: they had a champagne vending machine. Did you need me to repeat that? A vending machine that dispensed champagne. My guess is Kathy already had this and just brings it out for these little get-togethers. My next guess is that my life will not be the same knowing that these exist and that I don’t have one. Anyway, here’s more deets about the shower from People.

The 40-year-old reality star was honored ahead of her upcoming wedding to fiancé Carter Reum with an Alice and Wonderland-themed bridal shower, sharing snaps from the special event to Instagram Sunday.

Co-hosted by her mom Kathy Hilton, sister Nicky Hilton and friend Tina Chen Craig at Kathy’s home over the weekend, guests walked into Wonderland with oversized floral décor and a Mad Hatter greeting them at the door. Paris’ aunt Kyle Richards was in attendance, as were her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais and Crystal Kung Minkoff.

Playing into the fantasy theme — which Paris teased by sharing two throwback photos of herself dressed up as Alice to her Instagram Story — details included Wonderland-inspired frosted cookies and a cake with the bride and groom’s names. Making the occasion even more festive, there was a champagne vending machine, and plenty of red, white and pink roses (a nod to the classic children’s book) throughout.

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We all knew Paris was going to be over the top in whatever she did. The Vegas Bachelorette (who are we kidding, Carter was lucky he was invited) was way over the top with a private plane and a red limo and other indulgences. But I’m sure that’s why they went to Las Vegas. Vegas knows how to do diva right. As for the shower, it sounds nice. I’m not sure if Alice in Wonderland has some significance for Paris. The article mentioned she’s dressed as Alice before. But even if it wasn’t a sentimental connection, Alice is a fun theme and it’s a great way to tie in flowers and the colors that Paris favors. I’m glad the dogs got to come, I guess. I hope they had their own pup stations set up with food and drink. I wonder what their vending machine dispensed. As for the guest list, both my bridal and baby showers were mostly made up of my mom’s friends. I’ve known them most of my life and honestly, they really do give the best advice and gifts. I’m not sure that applies when mom’s friends are the Real Housewives. Unfortunately, at real life bridal showers, there is a dearth of champagne dispensing vending machines, though.

One more note about the wedding, apparently the invitations did go out, but they did not include the locations of either the ceremony or the reception. It is assumed the ceremony will be at a church and word among those who know the Hiltons is they’ve secured late Grandpa’s Barron’s Bel-Air estate for the reception. (The Hiltons sold the estate in May, so it must have been part of the sale contract.) I get why Paris is being so secretive because even when she tries to keep something quiet, it leaks out, like where her reception is. But how are her guests going to know where to go the morning of her wedding? Will a raven arrive with a scroll? Will stealth messengers slip an envelope under each guest’s doormat? Will they sent decoder rings and told to wait for a secret code on the radio? My bet is something being floated down the chimney and if the guest doesn’t have a chimney, that’s on them. I’d lost a lot of interest in this wedding but I’m starting to find it again.

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