Open Post: Hosted By Two Foxes Playing In The Snow

Living in New England, snow gets tiresome after awhile. It can look lovely, softly falling in big, pretty flakes. But then it tends to stick around and occasionally you still have snowbanks in the mall parking lot in May. Sometimes, though, you get reminded how magical snow can be to some creatures – mostly small children and animals. Like these two foxes in Wolverhampton, England.

Laughing Squid featured this YouTube clip from last year that is making the rounds now of these little guys having a grand old time playing in the snow in this homeowner’s back yard.

I have had foxes living in my garden for years and they come back each year to have cubs. These two were chilling out in the snow on a Sunday.

Fox 1 and Fox 2 wrestle around, and enjoy the winter weather while weaving in and out of a chainlink fence. It kind of reminds you of when snow was a magical occurrence that sometimes got you out of school as a kid. As an adult, that magical feeling has changed into a general feeling of resentment. Shoveling snow is the worst. I’d rather help someone move or have a catheter. Especially when the plow buries your car BACK IN THE SNOW as it’s clearing the streets. Your car being what you just shoveled OUT of the snow. If these foxes had to deal with that, there’d be less frolicking in the snow and way more resentment of it.

Pic: YouTube

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