One-Time Belieber Billie Eilish Gushes as She Admits that Justin Bieber Has Finally Slid into her DMs

At the immersive experience launch event for her debut album, Billie Eilish gushed and could not keep the smile off her face when admitting that her one-time pop star crush Justin Bieber has recently not only followed her on social media … but also worked his way into her DMs.

Billie told Billboard at the launch event that the initial experience of communicating directly with Justin was a bit embarrassing for her. “The first thing he DM’ed me,” Billie said, “was a screenshot of, um, I guess he scrolled up and saw a message I had sent in 2014.”

Billie revealed that the message she had sent in 2014 was typically cringey fangirl stuff, something to the effect of “Hey Justin, I just wanted to talk. How are you? Please answer.” Justin forwarded her her a screenshot of with an “LOL” written over it.

Billie also seemed to suggest that, after getting over her initial embarrassment, she and Justin apparently have communicated about working together on some music. However, when pressed by Billboard, Billie only smiled and refused to give any details about a potential future collaboration, saying simply “You’ll see. You’ll see.”

One collaboration that Billie says she did complete was with Spanish singer Rosalia, confirming that both she and Rosalia sang in Spanish and English on the track. However, Billie was not sure yet what the strategy or timing will be on its release.

You can listen to Billie’s full interview on Justin and Rosalia below.

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