Omid Scobie: Duchess Meghan ‘made Kate look incredibly old fashioned’

I’ve been so absorbed with the Finding Freedom excerpts, I’ve barely had time to look at the press Omid Scobie has done to support the book (which is #1 in the UK and USA). I mentioned the other day that Finding Freedom: The Remix is going to be lit, but it’s no joke – Scobie has as much tea in interviews as he put in the book. It really makes me wonder if a second book isn’t coming, with all the details he and Carolyn Durand didn’t put into FF. Anyway, I just read his Glamour UK interview and there were some fascinating quotes.

On the palace aides refusing to help Meghan: “I think if the palace was able to speak out, on points and say; actually, she gets on fine with her staff, it would have gone a long way to help. Because, as we know, that’s how the palace works- it’s these little off-the-record briefings they give the press, those palace aides that we often see quoted in articles. For some reason that wasn’t done for them…. Meghan now lives in the shadow of that tabloid-created persona for her.”

Who did Harry blame for the hate campaign? “There were times in which Harry especially felt that there was a hate campaign against them, but not from within the family. He’s very good at knowing that distinct line between his family and the institution.”

The Queen & Charles still respect H&M: “The Queen had a great amount of respect and she found her very exciting to have in the fold. And the same again with Charles, who was really sort of enamoured by her dynamism. But I think that support wasn’t universal across all of the royal households.” The notable exception, of course, was the Cambridges. Omid believes that the true sticking point- from both family and “Firm”- was the erosion of the relationship between Harry and William.

On Meghan’s refusal to be a weaksauce doormat: “When a woman marries into the royal family, her wings are almost clipped. In Meghan’s refusal to do certain things- like show Archie the day he was born- and in sharing her feminist views- that made Kate look incredibly old fashioned. And I think there have been many times in which Megan’s progressiveness highlighted Kate’s almost sort of past-era persona that she has as the perfect Duchess of Cambridge. I think if Meghan had come in and was the subservient wife and did everything that she was supposed to, at all times and didn’t question anything, it may have been different. But Meghan just wasn’t ever going to fit that sort of cookie-cutter Duchess role.”

[From Glamour UK]

I think Omid hits the nail on the head with how Meghan’s presence, work ethic and personality simply highlighted Kate’s lack of presence, lack of work ethic and lack of personality. That’s it in a nutshell. Diana cosplay is not a personality. Being keen is not a work ethic. Being widely photographed isn’t the same as having that celebrity sparkle. But again, it always went deeper than that. I agree that the big show was between William and Harry. But FF makes it perfectly clear that Kate never wanted to help Meghan or welcome Meghan. Kate was jealous and petty from the word go.

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