Olivia Hawkins gives her Love Island verdict – is Molly making a mistake?

Olivia Hawkins might is without a doubt one of Love Island's most memorable Islanders, known for her fiery wit and not holding back when speaking her mind.

Which is why she is the perfect person to become OK!'s weekly Love Island guest columnist, where she will discuss all of the goings on in the villa, from the love matches, to the tears, the tantrums and, of course, the drama.

The series launch of the summer series took place on Monday, June 5, with a fresh batch of sexy new singletons looking for love.

Into the villa went Jess Harding and Ruchee Gurung, followed by Mitchel Taylor and Andre Furtado.

They were joined by George Fensome, Ella Thomas, Catherine Agbaje, Mehdi Edno, Tyrique Hyde and Molly Marsh.

The public had already chosen the first five couples, but a curveball came in the form of bombshell, Zachariah Noble, who has been given 24 hours to couple up with one of the girls, leaving one male Islander vulnerable.

Like the rest of us, former Islander Olivia was watching the show, and she has given her take on everything that went down in the first episode of the brand new series.

Jess could get herself in to trouble

I'm loving Jess so far – I think she's great and she's got the personality, but I think she could get herself into trouble. She's very sweet but I think she could switch.

Her comments about finding people attractive with "Turkey teeth" were so hilarious – she just blurts things out.

I feel like she could get herself into trouble with that, but I definitely think she will be entertaining to watch.

Tyrique will be a heartbreaker

It was so funny when Ella told Tyrique that they'd met before, and he clearly had no clue – I think they might come to blows later, because there's that tension there.

Tyrique is a good-looking boy, and he'll be a heartbreaker for sure, but I think that he does have a sweet side to him.

Because he's very attractive, I think girls will pick him. Already Catherine has shown an interest, and Ruchee obviously likes him from choosing to kiss him in the challenge.

I think he could become a little bit of a player, but there's nothing wrong with trying out some different couplings – that's what everyone is there for!

Molly and Mitchel are making a mistake closing themselves off

Molly and Mitchel are probably the strongest couple so far – they're very well suited.

But, having said that, I don't think they should shut themselves off to anyone new just yet.

There are couples, like Lana (Jenkins) and Ron (Hall) from my series that are still together today, so sometimes it works, but I feel like you should be open to getting to know new people.

Producers should have penalised the girls who stepped forward

I think there is a great mix of characters in the villa so far, and I loved the twist at the end, with Zachariah entering as the first bombshell of the series on the first ever episode of this series – it's a first!

But with the girls [Jess and Ruchee] stepping forward and saying they didn't feel like they were in the right pairings, I feel like they could have got penalised a little bit more, but then I suppose it's the start of the show – you don't want anyone going too early.

I used to take myself for some alone time in the villa

I think George could eventually rub up some people the wrong way if he cracks jokes 24/7.

Obviously, you're with these people 24 hours a day, and sometimes it gets too much.

You don't really get a break – you're having conversations all of the time, so many that the public don't even see, and it can get overwhelming.

I used to go up to the terrace and take 20 minutes for myself, and I would just look at the camera that's positioned there and say 'I need 20 minutes', so the producers knew I just needed some time to myself.


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