Olivia Attwood says she’s monitoring her mood in case she needs therapy after feeling ‘up and down’

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Olivia Attwood has told fans that she is “monitoring” her moods and will consider going to therapy if she needs to after feeling down recently.

The former Love Island star, who features in her own reality show Olivie Meets Her Match, replied to fan questions on Instagram this week. One fan, who was concerned about Olivia, asked: “Are you feeling better after feeling down the other day? Love how honest you are.”

Speaking openly about her mood, Olivia, 30, replied: “So today’s a good day. But on the theme of being honest.. I’m very up and down at the moment.

"Finding it really hard to regulate my moods. Not exactly sure why, but I’m monitoring it, and if I need to go back and do some CBT therapy or change medication that’s ok too.”

The star added: “Or it might just be the s*** weather and the lockdown effect etc lol.”

Olivia, who recently celebrated her 30th birthday, is known for being honest with fans. Recently, the star hit out at celebrities who pretend they haven’t had any surgery, claiming she often sees famous names in waiting rooms of cosmetic doctors.

Inan exclusive interview with new! magazine , the formerLove Islander said “so many people in this industry lie” about going under the knife, with some allegedly claiming they have never had any cosmetic work even though she has spotted them while waiting for her own procedures.

Olivia’s comments came as she opened up about the cosmetic tweaks she has had done recently, as she launches her first clothing collection with fashion brand I Saw It First.

She told new: “I went for some little top ups the other day which we filmed. In the last series, we took the cameras along to one of my appointments and I had a really good reaction from it.

"I’m 30, so I can do what I want.”

Olivia added that she thinks honesty is the best policy when it comes to things like this.

She continued: “Some people say I’m encouraging it, but from my side, I feel like honesty is really refreshing at the moment. So many people in this industry lie.

“I know people who’ve had things done and I see them in waiting rooms and then you see them on their Instagram saying they’d never have any work done.

“I would rather a young girl know that people aren’t necessarily born looking a certain way, rather than lie to young girls and confuse them.

"I don’t want to encourage girls to mess with themselves, because if you can be happy with yourself then that’s the best way," she added.

Olivia also opened up about the pressure women face when it comes to their appearance.

She said: “It’s not just celebs, it’s all women. I could get papped frowning when the Botox has worn off post-lockdown and I’ll get bombarded with comments telling me I look so old.

"Then when you go and have a few tweakments, people then say I’ve got a plastic face. You cannot win. You just have to find what makes you happy and not worry about anyone else.

“It’s really hard, especially as a woman, trying to decipher what you want to look like. I got confused at one point – with my first boob job, I got these massive ones because it was the fashion.

"But I’d had them for a couple of years and they looked awful. It’s like the bum implants now – that will go out of fashion.”

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