Nipsey Hussle Pays No Mind to Brawl Involvement After Leaving the Club

Nipsey Hussle‘s paying very little mind to his involvement in a brawl over the weekend … he’s too busy putting in work.

We got the rapper at LAX Tuesday afternoon and wanted to get his side of the story following a crazy ass brawl on the same night he was celebrating his GF Lauren London‘s birthday. TMZ broke the story … Nipsey and his crew got dragged into an intense melee in the parking lot of Nightingale. It happened less than an hour after he was confronted by two guys … some of which was caught by our camera.

Nobody was arrested or injured — something Nipsey was quick to point out to our photog. He also made sure to turn the fight into an easy plug for his Grammy-nominated album, “Victory Lap.”

Can’t knock the hustle.

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