New Jersey Governor Accosted While Dining Out, 'Go F*** Yourself!'

The Governor of New Jersey can’t mask himself from angry constituents — a couple of them went after him and his family for daring to eat out at a restaurant.

Gov. Phil Murphy was dining out with is wife and their 4 kids when the apparent Trump-supporting women accosted them this weekend, and began hurling insults. One of them immediately called Murphy “such a d**k” and chided.

The women were clearly pissed off about the new coronavirus lockdowns, and one of Murphy’s sons asks if they’re drunk — you gotta see their response. Stereotypical Jersey shore stuff here … ’cause the f-bombs really started flying.

Like many governors around the country, Murphy’s getting backlash from many citizens ticked off about COVID restrictions heading into the Thanksgiving holiday. He’s also getting push back from some police departments which say they won’t respond to reports of people breaking the rules.

Still, the Murphy fam’s night out — seated outdoors wearing jackets in cool November temps — seems far less egregious than say California Gov. Newsom‘s infamous night at French Laundry.

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