Nene Leakes Gets Makeover as She Starts ‘New Normal’ After Husband’s Death

The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ member goes back to blonde after playing ‘in dark hair long enough’ as she adjusts to a new life following husband Gregg’s passing.

AceShowbizNene Leakes is “adjusting to a new normal” following her husband Gregg’s death earlier this month (Sep21).

The U.S. reality TV regular updated her fans on how she’s doing after Gregg lost his cancer battle on 1 September, explaining that she’s decided to swap up her dark her for lighter locks.

“So I played in dark hair long enough. Now that I’m having to adjust to my new life. My new normal. I thought I’d go back to blonde,” she said on her Instagram Story on Thursday (16Sep21).

NeNe also explained that she’s got a strong support system in place when it comes to helping her deal with her spouse’s death.

“I have a whole group of people that’s coming to my house everyday doing different stuff with me. So. Trying to keep my mind off of… you know. Events that recently happened,” she said. “Love you guys. I’m OK and I’m pushing through.”

“I have good days and bad days,” she continued. “They said it’s normal. So, some days I’m up. Some days I’m down. Today I felt like going to the salon. So. That was good. I normally don’t go to the salon. I usually have people come to my house. Today, I decided to drive to the salon and actually sit in the salon with other women. And that was good to be around other people.”

NeNe also thanked her followers for “all of the condolences and all of the sweet comments. Thank you.”

Gregg and NeNe married in 1997 but they divorced in 2011, only to get back together and remarry in 2013.

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