Nancy Pelosi's Husband Paul Looks Somber in DUI Mug Shot

Nancy Pelosi‘s husband, Paul, certainly looked unimpressed after getting nailed for a DUI, as you can see in his newly released mug shot.

We’ve obtained the photo, snapped after Pelosi’s May arrest … he’s wearing a dress shirt and jacket.

TMZ broke the story — Paul was involved in an accident the night of May 28 near Napa, California. Officers got a call for a 2 vehicle crash, Paul was driving a 2021 Porsche when it was struck by a Jeep.

There were rumors, spread by members of the GOP, including Donald Trump Jr. who spread a rumor CA Governor Gavin Newsom had stepped in to get the charges against Paul dismissed.

However, a spokesperson for Napa County tells TMZ, “Governor Newsom has not contacted the D.A.’s office nor intervened to have all DUI charges against Paul Pelosi dropped.”

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