Miley Cyrus just got a dramatic quarantine haircut from her mom

@tishcyrus @mileycyrus #virtualhaircut lol.” It’s hard to argue the resulting cut was excellent when you think back to the cuts your own mom gave you in grade school. Tish Cyrus clearly left the classic utility mom cut in the past.

The new ‘do appears to be several inches shorter than the original mullet and is a bit shaggier than the initial cut. It’s hard not to wonder if Cyrus’ hair similarities with the face of Netflix hit show Tiger King‘s Joe Exotic might have something to do with the recent upgrade. The singer has always differentiated herself from the celeb pack, so it’s no surprise that once her cut became “in” she wanted out.

There’s no doubt that cutting your hair at home is risky, so unless you or someone in your home is a professional, it’s best to wait out the awkward hair phase you’re in right now. Besides, we are all stuck inside anyways. Your remote video meetings will be dotted with shaggy hair until we’re allowed back out, so why not savor the strange styles for a while? We might not ever get to see them quite like this again.

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