Meryl Streep related to Lady Gaga’s insecurities in ‘A Star is Born’

Meryl Streep says “A Star Is Born” made her think of her own career.

During a wide-ranging talk with Stephen Colbert to benefit Montclair Film, the acting icon said, “Every woman in this room thinks about her weight, if only it were 10 pounds less. We are so judged by how we look … We inevitably allow ourselves to be the object of ‘What should I wear tonight?’ ‘Is my hair clean?’ You think about these things. Men do not think about these things.”

Streep says when she was younger she thought, “There was no way I was gonna be a film actor never … that wasn’t even an option … Because my nose was too big … I’ve just seen ‘A Star Is Born,’ and I so related to that.”

In the movie, Lady Gaga’s character says she won’t make it as a musician because of her nose. Bradley Cooper’s character then tells her is beautiful.

Streep says even today, “I’ll come upon a movie, and I’m in it, and I’m really young and very beautiful, and I’ll think, I was so unhappy, I thought my nose was too big, I thought I was fat … And I’ll think, ‘What was I thinking?’”

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