Megyn Kelly Is Still Negotiating With NBC News

Christmas purist Megyn Kelly is still haggling with NBC News over how the rest of her contract is going to play out. As you may remember, great white hope Megyn thought it was prudent to publicly inquire as to why blackface was frowned upon in 2018. So NBC News jettisoned her.

The Blast reports that Megyn wants to take the money and get back to work. And NBC News wants to cash her out in installments so she won’t violate any nondisclosure agreements. What the hell is she going to disclose? That NBC News has shitty taste in anchors? We knew that.

Megyn is supposedly receiving so many offers from the other networks to come work for them that she’s practically had to change her number! They must want Megyn’s signature brand of controversy yet with dismal ratings.

Our sources say Kelly wants to ensure the deal allows her to get back to work immediately once the deal is settled. We’re told “her phone is blowing up” and she is still deciding which network/hosting job to do following her departure from NBC.

As for NBC, they don’t want Princess Elsa of the War on Christmas Brigade flapping her gums as to their inner workings. This is the network that let Matt Lauer have a secret button to lock his door in his office, let our current troll-in-chief have his own show for several seasons, and thought they could spin off The Golden Girls without Bea Arthur. What’s left to hide?

According to our sources, NBC wants to structure the deal so she receives the money remaining on her contract over the next year and a half (the time she has left on her deal). We’re told the network wants to ensure Kelly stands by the confidentiality agreement the network wants to be included in the settlement.

It turns out there IS something that NBC doesn’t want Megyn talking about.

Specifically, we’re told execs are worried Kelly could speak up once again about NBC’s handling of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and Ronan Farrow’s reporting of it. She previously spoke out on her show and directly contradicted comments made by NBC News chairman Andy Lack.

Megyn is still going to be receiving what’s estimated to be about $37 million in salary and bonuses once this is settled. And then she’s on to the next network (Fox News) that’s a lot more open to her way of thinking (FOX News). A network in which black Santas need not apply for news stories about Christmas (unless they’re white Santas in blackface)!


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