Mayor Jacob Frey declared ‘Love Trumps Hate Day’ for Trump’s Nazi rally

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A few days ago, we discussed Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey, and how his beauty has the power to heal America. We also covered that Mayor Frey told Donald Trump to pay upfront for his Nazi rally. Trump utterly freaked out and started attacking Mayor Frey on Twitter because Trumpy doesn’t like to pay his bills. Well, Trump still came into Minneapolis last night and I still don’t know if he paid his bill. But I do know that I enjoy looking at our latest Woke Bae Jacob Frey, so here you go.

Ahead of Trump’s Nazi rally, Mayor Frey The Woke Bae did something great: he declared October 10th the “Love Trumps Hate Day.”

— Jacob Frey (@Jacob_Frey) October 10, 2019

He also responded to one of Trump’s claims during the rally:

— Jacob Frey (@Jacob_Frey) October 11, 2019

Politico also did a really lovely write-up about Mayor Frey and about how Donald Trump’s hate-tweets often have unintended consequences: they turn local politicians into folk heroes and boost those local politicos’ profiles on a national (and international) stage. When Trump hate-tweeted Frey, what he ended up doing was revealing that Jacob Frey is incredibly handsome and woke and that he’s pretty popular in Minneapolis. His background is law and community organizing and he just seems really cool. This is our Hot Guy Friday: Local Politician Edition.

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