Mauricio Umansky Not Dating Co-Worker Leslie Bega, But His Dad Is

There’s an Umansky who’s now dating a woman who works for Mauricio‘s real estate empire, but he’s not the one going out with her.

Check out this pic, of Mauricio and Leslie Bega, who, in addition to working for The Agency, is an actress. You see she has her arm around him. Mauricio’s parents, who are divorced, are also chowing down at Il Pastaio in Bev Hills.

The pic was snapped last Tuesday, after the live performance of “Dancing With the Stars.” Mauricio is struggling, but still in the competition.

We have good recon here, folks, and turns out Leslie went to the show with her date — Mauricio’s dad, Eduardo Umansky, who also works for The Agency. Mauricio’s mom, Dr. Estella Sneider, was also at the show.

We’re told Leslie, Eduardo and Estella went to Il Pastaio together and Mauricio joined them mid-meal.

TMZ spoke to Mauricio a few weeks ago and he made it clear … he and Kyle are separated and he says she’s not dating anyone.

As you know, Kyle’s been spending a ton of time with country star Morgan Wade … they’ve been in the Santa Barbara area the last few days. Kyle’s producing a documentary on Morgan’s life.

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