Mark Wright spills details about his and Michelle Keegan’s kids

Former TOWIE star Mark Wright has opened up about his and Michelle Keegan’s future kids.

The 32-year-old Essex lad recently appeared on BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are after he was inspired by his wife Michelle’s stint on the ancestor research programme.

The Manchester beauty, also 32 made a major discovery during filming, when she found out she had a surprising family link to feminist icon, suffragette Emiline Pankhurst.

After the Our Girl actress’ exciting episode, her hubby Mark decided to give it a go, and recently starred on the show himself.

Mark’s family tree findings included uncovering that his nine-times great grandfather was a 17th century swordsman who hailed from none other than TOWIE favourite holiday spot, Marbs (formally known as Marbella amongst non-Essex folk).

He said: ‘Michelle told me how fantastic it was and I was very jealous that she had had this opportunity to find her family heritage, so I wanted mine.’

Taking to Instagram, Mark told his followers just how mind blowing the experience was, penning: ‘One of the best experiences ever. Definitely one I will never forget along with the rest of my family. We are so grateful that I got to be part of this incredible show and to learn about our past and where we come from.’

Now, Mark can’t wait to relay the thrilling family details to his and Michelle’s unborn kids.

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‘If we ever have to tell our kids – when we have them, which touch wood we do – she’s got that story about her family, and now so have I,’ he said.

‘So our kids are going to be very lucky that they can find out both where their mum and dad’s families are from.’

Hopefully Mark’s sweet gushing comments won’t cause a rift between him and Michelle, who recently declared that the pair’s family plans were ‘no one’s business’. Eeek.

She told The Telegraph: ‘It’s like, as soon as you get married: “When are you having a child?”‘

‘My husband never gets asked that question.

‘I think it’s really invasive, for a start, and I used to answer that question all the time, but then I think to myself, well, why do I need to answer that question?’

Too right, Michelle!

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