Love Island’s Zach Noble reveals body transformation after villa in before-and-after pics

Zachariah Noble has shown off his recent weight loss as he shared some before-and-after snaps.

The Love Island finalist, 26, shared a shirtless photo of himself just after leaving the villa during the summer, comparing this to a recent snap he took after losing 4kg.

Sharing the photos to his Instagram story, Zach wrote: "One goal. One mission. Bout to get in the best shape of my life. Worst part is I haven't been true to gym life and diet and I know it.

He continued: "I'm accountable for how I look now and I'm accountable for how I look in six months time. Never too late to change something. Let my journey prove that and inspire you."

It comes after Zach's girlfriend and fellow Love Islander Molly Marsh revealed she had gotten a tattoo tribute to him, after just a few weeks together.

Unveiling the new inking on her Instagram, Molly revealed the sign for Virgo on one hand, and the Gemini symbol on the other.

Molly had already filled fans in on her plans for tattoos on Instagram, and said: “SO! Me & Zac headed to @debutstudios and got some new tattoos by @alexlloydtattoo. I decided to get both mine and Zacs Zodiac signs on my wrist & a cute little butterfly on my thumb to start my finger tattoos! I couldn’t be happier!”

The tattoo tribute was unveiled by Molly following rumours that the pair had split, something that clearly turned out to be false.

The rumours began spreading after Molly posted a video on TikTok of herself jumping onto her bed, which she captioned: "POV you go onto Love Island, find love and get dumped."

The pair had also spent time apart as Molly travelled to Los Angeles with her family for a holiday. Zach also posted a cryptic quote about experiencing "ups and downs," adding to the speculation.

He posted a black and white quote on social media, which read: "What if everything you're going through is preparing you for what you asked for?"

The basketball player then captioned it: "You're journey will have ups and a lot more downs. So enjoy all of it. Everything you've gone through makes YOU who you are.

"And everything you're going to go through makes you who you'll become. You got this."

Molly and Zach's Love Island journey had its share of drama, with Molly initially coupled up with Mitchel Taylor and Zach showing interest in Catherine Agbaje.

However, Molly and Zach eventually found a connection and coupled up. They faced challenges when Zach was picked by Kady McDermott during a recoupling, leading to a temporary split. Despite these ups and downs, they reconciled and seemed to be going strong post-villa.

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