Lorraine Kelly brands ITV co-star ‘very naughty’ after cheeky question causes chaos on-air

Lorraine and Dr Amir discuss the Djokovic vaccination story

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Lorraine Kelly has branded her ITV co-star “very naughty” after he asked her a cheeky question which left them both in fits of laughter earlier today. The ITV presenter, 62, was speaking to Dr Amir Khan on her self-titled chat show when she asked for his thoughts on the “nibbling robot cats”, which have taken Japan by storm and have been hailed as a way to reduce stress.

You are VERY naughty

Lorraine Kelly

In view of her 675,000 followers, the Scottish star shared the video which left viewers in fits of laughter, after the segment on the show descended into chaos.

Retweeting the video from the GP, Lorraine wrote: “You are VERY naughty (I’m glad to say) xxx.”

In the clip, a flushed-looking Lorraine spoke to the GP about a very bizarre subject.

Talking to him from the studio, the ITV host asked: “From Japan we have robot cats that nibble us? Oh yes.

“Nibbling, nibbling, little weird-looking pussycats that nibble you.

“What do you think?” she quizzed the health expert.

The expert replied: “Well Lorraine, according to the manufacturers, it’s a technical company called Yukai Japan.

“We all have a secret desire to be nibbled just like this.”

He explained: “We put our finger in this toy and it helps relieve stress.

“Apparently there’s 20 settings on this toy, it goes from massaging, to nibbling, to biting,” he said before bursting into laughter.

“This is the silliest thing ever!” Lorraine admitted, before imagining one of the worst case scenarios.

“What if it goes wrong and bites your finger off?” she worriedly asked the GP.


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“Well at least it’s just your finger!” Dr Khan explained.

Lorraine exclaimed: “Well I hope it is!

“Can you imagine?”

Dr Khan went on to mischievously ask the Scottish host: “Can I ask a question, have you got a secret desire to be nibbled?

“Be honest!” he added.

Lorraine pondered over her answer for a second before responding.

She said: “It depends who’s doing the nibling.

“I would very happily be the nibblee if it’s somebody interesting doing the nibbling,” she clarified, before they both burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

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