Loose Women’s Kaye Adams, 59, suffers awkward stumble before asking for help

Kaye Adams says she had 'no side effects' from booster

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Kaye Adams, 59, took to Instagram to show fans her cleaning routine. The Loose Women star suffered an unfortunate trip after filming her messy cupboard.

The presenter sent out the video to fans along with plenty of other shots and clips for followers to view.

It was sent out to her 117,000 followers.

As she was cleaning her cupboard, which was messy and full of various paraphernalia, Kaye commentated over the clip.

While doing so, she fell over some of the bits and pieces she was tidying.

She said: “Work in progress.

“I’m going to do that today, so have a lovely day!”

Before she could finish her sentence, however, the TV host took a brief fall and exclaimed to her fans.

She urged followers to “wait till the end” so they could see her trip up.

The following snap she included in her story featured the messy cupboard pile with a short caption.

It read: “This won’t take long (famous last words).”

She then appeared to get slightly frustrated at things going wrong in her house.

Taking the camera over to the kitchen, she showed fans a lump of ice blocking her freezer.

She quipped: “Where’s global warming when you need it?”

Before adding: “It’s been 18 hours.

“The polar ice caps melted faster than this!”

She then urged viewers to help her if they could, asking: “Any tips?”

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