Lil Tay Speaks Out In First Interview Since Death Hoax – Claims Father Orchestrated It To 'Sabotage' Her Career!

Lil Tay is speaking out in an interview for the first time since her viral death hoax!

In case you need a refresher, the teen was formerly a child rapper who disappeared from the spotlight, only to make headlines earlier this year when it was posted on her Instagram account that she and her brother Jason Tian had died. Quickly, followers noticed how odd the entire situation was and began to speculate whether she was actually dead or not — and they got their answers not long after when Tay AKA Claire Hope came forward to claim her account was hacked.

In her Stories at the time, she claimed her “abusive” father Christopher Hope was the one who was behind the whole ordeal, and now she’s opening up to Rolling Stone to explain more of the situation.

In the interview, which dropped on Monday, the teen revealed she was pursuing a career as a pop star — and she was already prepping to release her song Sucker 4 Green when the death hoax came “out of nowhere”:

“I really wanted to get things going. And this was just something that came out of absolutely nowhere. And I had to clean up … always had a vision of myself becoming famous . It was something I wanted to do. And I just spoke it into reality. I am the one that’s always wanted to become famous. I was the one who had a vision for myself as an artist, and I made it happen.”

The singer went on to say after she “gained her freedom” from her allegedly abusive father, she wanted to put songs out celebrating that freedom — and apparently he didn’t like that. She suggested this is what pushed him to orchestrate the death hoax as a “last resort” to “sabotage” her career:

“I had some songs that I wanted to put out after winning my freedom. And thankfully, I did. So I was looking to get back on track as soon as I could. And then the death thing happens … I had all of these things coming for me, I had my dreams within reach and then this person that I thought I escaped a very long time ago, comes in out of nowhere and takes it all down.”

So awful!

Even though her father vehemently denied to the outlet that he had anything to do with it, Tay ultimately decided to release her song right after the hoax was cleared up. This left a lot of people raising their eyebrows and speculating it was just a PR stunt at the time.

Although she did offer some explanations of her situation to the interviewers, Rolling Stone notes she was under the “watchful eye” of two publicists the entire time. And she really seems to be ready to move on from the drama of the hoax. As part of the interview, the mag notes Tay’s publicist claiming the rapper was asked to read for the role of the adolescent drug dealer in Euphoria, for one!!

The interviewer also noted the teen seemed “uninterested” in answering a lot of their questions about what really happened. Like, why did it take so long for that hoax post to be deleted? It was up for an entire day and left the whole world thinking she was dead. Ultimately, though, Tay didn’t answer those questions, and oddly enough kept refusing to confirm her age. Although court docs cite she’s 16, she kept insisting to the journalist she was “timeless.” Hmmm…

It’s good to hear Tay is free from that stressful situation, but this interview definitely left a lot of questions unanswered! What do U think, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

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