Lil Tay Seen ALIVE For First Time Since Death Hoax!

Lil Tay really IS alive!

The viral internet sensation has finally been spotted in public for the FIRST time since her wild death hoax situation! On Wednesday, the formerly foul-mouthed social media star was seen in a sea of security at the Los Angeles International Airport. She sported a black hoodie (with the hood up, of course), black sweatpants, and black combat boots. The 14-year-old covered her face with a black surgical mask and stylish shades, as she made her way to, you guessed it, a black SUV.

All black everything!

The teen appeared to be alongside her mother, Angela Tian, and her brother Jason Tian, who kept trying to shoo away paparazzi. The controversial flexer remained silent throughout the interaction despite photogs repeatedly asking her for any details on the death hoax situation — and to clarify whether or not she was the one who posted those startling allegations on her Instagram account that her father, Christopher Hope, was behind it.

See (below):

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This is the first time we’ve seen the young influencer since she went off the radar in 2018. What are YOUR thoughts?? Do you think it was really her? If she was really looking for more time in the spotlight, as some have claimed, is this how she would dress at LAX? Hmm… Let us know in the comments down below!

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