‘LHHNY’ Preview: Safaree Confronts Jaquae About Fake Robbery Claim

Safaree Samuels isn’t feeling Jaquae after hearing he claimed Safaree’s robbery was fake. He confronts him at an event with Cyn and Nya Lee and things get pretty heated! Watch it all go down in this EXCLUSIVE clip from ‘L&HHNY’!

Safaree Samuels, 36, was cool with Jaquae until he heard some tea that he was talking smack on him. In case you didn’t hear, Safaree was robbed at gunpoint back in April. He was with a friend in a parking garage when the incident occurred. Safaree told police that he had been robbed of $183,000 of cash and jewelry. So, in this EXCLUSIVE clip from Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop New York, Safaree says Jaquae’s ex-girlfriend, Kiyanne told him that Jaquae didn’t really believe that he got robbed.

“I always considered Jaquae a good guy and a real friend of mine. So, after hearing Kiyanne say Jaquae said I could have faked my robbery, I’m not feeling Jaquae right now,” Safaree says in the confessional before they meet at an event for Jaquae. “I need to hear his side of the story and get to the truth,” he adds.

Jaquae then greets Safaree, Nya Lee and Cyn and thanks them for attending his event. “I truly appreciate y’all coming out tonight, this really mean a lot,” Jaquae says. Things are evidently awkward because Safaree is standing there in silence with a poker face on. So, Jaquae obviously notices and asks him what’s up. “My mood and my vibe, honestly it ain’t as up as I would want it to be,” Safaree admits. Cyn even says she notices something is off and asks Safaree what his deal is.

“You know, the other day, me and Nya was out somewhere and Kiyanne pull up and she said that you said you don’t really think I got robbed, you think it’s an insurance scam that I’m doing,” Safaree explains while confronting Jaquae. Jaquae appears to be surprised, like this is the first he’s hearing of it.

Cyn looks at Safaree and adds that it’s a serious allegation. “This was being said and I really think that there’s no fixing it,” Safaree says. Jacquae then hits the confessional to defend himself, but doesn’t deny it. “Yo bro, seriously? He say, she say, you still talking about what my ex said?”

“It feels f–ked up for y’all to bring this negative energy and vibe in here today, you feel me?”, Jaquae says to Safaree. It then goes back to the confessional, where Jaquae adds, “I ain’t gonna entertain that with a response. I’m going right back to my event.” And, that’s exactly what he does.

The clip ends with Jacquae walking away from Safaree, Cyn and Nya Lee. Love and Hip Hop New York airs Mondays at 8/7c on Vh1!

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