Lauren Goodger 'doesn't blame anyone for the tragic death of Lorena'

Lauren Goodger says she ‘doesn’t blame anyone for the tragic death of her newborn baby Lorena as she reveals touching way she plans to say her final goodbye’

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Lauren Goodger has said she ‘doesn’t blame anyone’ for the death of her newborn baby Lorena.

The reality star, 35, and her partner Charles Drury, 25, tragically lost her newborn daughter Lorena in July after she was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.

Lauren has since decided to have a post mortem after she has been to visit her one last time for a ‘final goodbye’ in order to better understand what happened. 

Tragic: Lauren Goodger ‘doesn’t blame anyone for the tragic death of her newborn baby Lorena as she revealed touching way she plans to say her final goodbye’ (pictured with her partner Charles)

Lauren who is mother to daughter, Larose, 12 months, told new! magazine: ‘I plan to go to see her soon to say my final goodbyes. I wasn’t going to have a post-mortem at first, but I changed my mind. I feel like I need answers.

‘I need more of an understanding of why this happened. I don’t blame anyone, I can’t. It is what it is, and obviously, it’s awful. I’d do anything to rewind it. I guess I can blame myself, but then again I think it’s happened and I can’t change it. 

‘I have to try and move forwards and accept it. But first I need to understand it. That’s why I changed my mind about the post-mortem.’

Lauren said she was able to spend 24 hours with her baby in a special room, where she cried, kissed her little hands and feet and told her she loved her.  


Devastating: Lauren said the couple’s child was born ‘without complications’ prior to her death on July 8

She added that she has been putting on a brave face for her daughter Larose but the grief hits her the most in the evenings. 

She added that Lorena has a teddy with her now and she has a matching one which she keeps with her. 

When she says her final goodbyes, she is going to swap them over, so that she has the one Lorena has and Lorena has Lauren’s bear. 

Talking out in a bid to help others, Lauren said that she is in ‘agony’ after having stitches because she tore inside and out.  

Lauren announced the sad news that her daughter had tragically passed away with an Instagram post just over a fortnight ago.  

Lauren’s waters had broken on July 6 and Tamzin, her NHS midwife, came to her house to take her blood pressure and listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

Parents: Lauren and Charles are parents to Lauren’s first daughter Larose, with Charles saying their newborn looked just like her older sister

The TV personality was planning a second home birth with no drugs because she had with older daughter Larose, who was born in a ‘perfect’, ‘amazing’ and ‘smooth’ home birth last year.

Midwife Tamzin told Lauren ‘everything was where it should be’ and she waited for her contractions to start at home.

Charles took Larose to stay with family so Lauren could rest and she chilled out and went to sleep.

The following morning, July 7, midwife Tamzin came around again to check the baby’s heartbeat and movement, as well as Lauren’s blood pressure and temperature.

Once again, both mother and baby were normal, and Lauren didn’t have any ‘pain or signs of labour’.

On the morning of July 8 there were still no signs of contractions, so Charles brought Larose back and Lauren breastfed her because the stimulation can bring on contractions, which worked.

Lauren’s contractions began and she called her midwife to tell her Lorena was coming.

Tamzin came over immediately to check the heartbeat, but was devastatingly unable to find it, despite locating a ‘really strong heartbeat’ just hours before.

She told Lauren she was ‘really worried’ and called an ambulance. Lauren, ‘in agony’ at this point, was blue-lighted to hospital, and was ‘stood up screaming’ throughout the journey.

By the time she had arrived at hospital, Lorena’s head was crowning as she stood outside, which Lauren said was the ‘most traumatic experience I’ve ever been through in my life’.

She and Charles were taken inside the hospital and shown to a private room, where Lauren gave birth to Lorena just two hours after her contractions had started.

Lauren immediately knew there was a problem because there was no cry from Lorena and a team of doctors rushed into the room.

Lorena was born with two big knots in her umbilical cord and with the cord tied around her neck, causing life-threatening problems.

Doctors desperately fought to save Lorena, performing chest compressions and giving her adrenaline for eight minutes while trying in vain to resuscitate her.

The medical team were sadly unsuccessful and told Lauren and Charles there was nothing more they could do.

Lauren has said she plans to have a tattoo of her daughter’s name in her memory.  

Loved-up: Lauren and Charles’ whirlwind romance first came to light in October 2020, they announced they were expecting their first child together just three months after going public

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