Larsa Pippen Reveals If She’ll Ever Speak to the Kardashians Again

Larsa Pippen broke her silence earlier on why her former BFF Kim Kardashian unfollowed her on Instagram and we now have her answer on whether or not she’s completely done with the famous family.

“Nothing has happened where I’ll never talk to them again or whatever. I feel like people go through different things. People handle problems differently. I’m the kind of person that is in a relationship that is not good. Then I need my friends. I need to know I have love. Other people are different. When they are going through turmoil in their own personal relationship they want to be like “oh that’s the bad guy”. I think I accept responsibility more so than other people,” Larsa told Dax Holt and Adam Glyn on the “Hollywood Raw podcast.”

She added, “I’m over the part of beating myself up over it. I didn’t do shit so I don’t feel like I should beat myself over it. Do you know what I mean? I’m over that phase. I know what I am. I know the value I bring to all my relationships. I know there are a billion people that one to be my friend. I’m not the kind of person that wants to be in a bad light with anyone. That’s not my personality. I like to make peace with everyone. I like to love everyone.”

Larsa blamed Kanye West as a major reason why her and Kim don’t have a close relationship anymore and Larsa added, “Where is the love? I don’t know. the funny thing is, I love him. I love all of them. So, I don’t know.”

Larsa also spoke to the rumors that she hooked up with Tristan Thompson while he was with Khloe Kardashian.

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