Lady Gaga Drunkenly Got a Tattoo with a Major Error But She Fixed It

Lady Gaga had a bit of a tattoo emergency after fans noticed her new ink was missing an important detail. The singer debuted two new tats on Instagram today: one was a rose outline on her spine and the other was the musical notes G A G A on musical staff on her arm, which her manager, Bobby Campbell, also got.

However, some of her followers noticed that on the second tat, there were only four lines in the musical staff instead of five. One user commented, “A staff has 5 lines Gaga what…” but the singer had a valid excuse: She was drunk.

“What a drunk musical crisis 😂,” she responded to the fan. “I studied music theory… that’s what happens when you drink and tattoo.”

It didn’t take long for Gaga to right her tattoo blunder. Shortly after, she posted footage of her corrected ink with an extra line added to the top of the staff on her arm. (Luckily it was an easier edit than Ariana Grande’s “7 rings” tattoo fiasco.)

“Musical crisis averted,” Gaga captioned a photo of her body art this afternoon. “Too many tequilas forgot the fifth staff line poor thing. Here’s the real deal 😎.”

She followed up with another image of the revised tattoo. “As a music theory student I’m appalled, as someone having fun with their friends I’m relieved.🎼😂,” she captioned the clip of her arm.

Gaga also laughs and narrates in the video: “We’re okay! The fifth staff is back! Sorry music!”

Good save, Gaga.

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