Kristin Cavallari Wrecks Jay Cutler in Axe-Throwing Showdown

Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler faced off against his reality TV star/fashion designer wife, Kristin Cavallari, in an epic axe-throwing challenge … and it went exactly how you’d think.

Yeah … Kristin whooped dat ass.

The couple showed off the results of their contest at Class Axe Throwing in Nashville … and while the dude who made $122 MILLION off his arm failed miserably, the girl who starred in a Gavin DeGraw music video hit the bulls-eye with ease.

The best part about it — Cutler’s DGAF attitude transitioning into his axe-throwing career, ’cause the guy shrugged it off and captioned his video with “Nailed it.”

Never change, Jay. Never change.

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