Kourtney Kardashian: Flaunting Baby Bump In New Instagram Pic?

Ever since Kourtney Kardashian talked about having a fourth child with Scott Disick, fans have been on high alert for signs of a bun in the oven.

After all, Kourtney has the desire to get knocked up, and she’s already found her sperm donor.

Plus at 41, she might be feeling like she doesn’t have much time to waste.

So we wouldn’t be surprised if Kourtney acts soon and welcomes a fourth child in the next year or so,

That said, people who took Kourt’s latest pic as evidence that she’s expecting could probably use a lesson in human anatomy.

That’s a pic of Kourt’s shadow that appeared on her Instagram page over the weekend.

And unless she learned how to bend her knees backward, that bump is her famous Kardashian backside, not her stomach.

But don’t tell that to the dozens of fans who took it as evidence that she’s expecting 

“Your shadow looks pregnant, how cute,” one commented.

“Is that a baby bump I see?” a second asked.

“Pregnant?” a third inquired.

Kourtney didn’t respond to the comments, but she did clear the air in a recent Instagram Live session.

“I’ve been pregnant three times I know what my body looks like,” she said,

“I could have taken that offensively and been ‘oh my gosh do I look pregnant?’, but I knew I didn’t look pregnant,” Kourtney continued.

“To me it’s very feminine to have curves and I embrace my body so I didn’t take it offensively,” she concluded.

It’s a little problematic of Kourtney to declare that her body type is more feminine than others, but we get her point.

So it seems Kourtney’s not currently pregnant — or at least she’s not showing.

But that doesn’t mean she’s not gettin’ it on with her ex.

Yes, rumors that Scott and Kourtney are back together were further bolstered this week when the eldest Kardashian sister shared a throwback pic featuring her ex.

Kourtney doesn’t exactly have a reputation as the funniest Kardashian sister, but the screenshot depicted a pretty hilarious conversation she had with Scott.

“You know what I’ve been thinking about?” she asked her then-boyfriend.

“Biodegradable foods, organic vegetables, moving to a farm, changing your name. Anything else?” Disick responded.

Granted, the humor came almost entirely from Scott’s end of the conversation, but it reminds us what a solid comedy team these two were at one point.

Perhaps Kourtney shared the pic simply because she was feeling nostalgic about KUWTK coming to an end, and she wanted to pay tribute to one of her favorite scenes.

Whatever the case, it seems there’s no denying that Scott and Kourtney are at least friends with benefits these days.

The two of them spent the summer vacationing together and posting flirty comments on one another’s Instagram posts.

Is that solid evidence that they’re hooking up?

No, but we won’t be surprised by the inevitable announcement that Kourtney is pregnant with Scott’s baby.

After all, these two have already made three cute kids together, and Kourt is probably feeling like she doesn’t want to roll the dice with number four!

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