Kim Kardashian and James Corden Film 'Carpool Karaoke' Segment Together

Kim Kardashian is teaming up with James Corden for some classic ‘Carpool Karaoke’ as the talk show host approaches the finish line of his ‘Late Late Show’ run.

Kim was laughing up a storm with James in Malibu Thursday — swinging by a gas station to fuel up before another one of his popular singing-in-the-car segments.

While pumping gas, the duo went inside the station’s shop … trying on some cheap shades and sun hats. Doesn’t look like those $2 finds are up Kim’s alley though.

She seemed to be havin’ the time of her life with James, who pretended to be one of her bodyguards while inside.

For those unaware, Kim’s been on “The Late Late Show” a few times now … and the content is always a hit with his audience — stuff like a Kardashian-themed “House of the Dragon” parody or his popular “Spill Your Guts” segment.

BTW — before James was in hot water for his interactions at an NYC restaurant, his show featured some backlash for “Spill Your Guts” … with people saying some of the foods presented as “gross” are actually common in Asian cultures.

Regardless, it looks like we’ll finally get to hear Kim sing her heart out again. Unclear if she’ll bust out her long-forgotten 2011 track, “Jam” — but we’re positive Ye won’t make her setlist.

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