Kevin Hart Responds to Backlash Over His Support for Jussie Smollett: I’m an Example of Change

AceShowbizKevin Hart is left frustrated by people’s reactions to his message of support for Jussie Smollett after the latter became a victim of an alleged hate crime. People have been questioning his sincerity after the comedian spoke up about the homophobic attack on the “Empire” actor, considering the fact that Hart previously made homophobic remarks.

In response to the backlash, the 39-year-old funnyman wrote again on Twitter, “I stand with a man in his time of hurt and need by giving him heart felt support and u take the time to harp on my 10yr past that I have apologized about and moved on from by being a better person.” Insisting that he’s a changed man now to the one who made those offensive jokes in the past, he said, “Do you want change? If so I am an example of what u want people to do…CHANGE!”

A number of Twitter users have also defended Hart against the endless criticisms against him despite his numerous apologies for his past mistake. One wrote to the “Ride Along” star, “Your expression for Jussie Smollett was heartfelt & sincere. The twitter trolls were just waiting for you to tweet so they could pounce. Don’t apologize or explain yourself anymore. If folks don’t realize who you are, that’s their fault. Misery loves company…avoid that party!”

Another agreed, writing, “So very true! Haters gonna hate. You’re above that.” Another commented on Hart’s post, “Kevin Hart is not the problem. Please quit picking on him because he is a celeb.” Also believing in Hart, someone else wrote, “You have no need to apologize to anyone what you have already apologized for. You are a better man.”

Hart previously condemned the hate attack on Smollett, who was battered and doused with chemical substance by two wen who hurled racist and homophobic epithets at him on early Tuesday morning, January 29 in Chicago.

“Sending prayers your way @jussiesmollett ….This is unbelievably sad,” Hart posted on Instagram. “Why are we going backwards….this is disgusting. We as people have to do better. WTF is going on the world???? Why are we falling in love with hate???? God damn it people….Choose love…I repeat…Choose love. I will forever choose love and I will continue to teach my kids how to do the same. Stand strong brother.”

He also wrote on Twitter, “Operation spread love is in full effect damn it. I don’t condone or believe in hate, infact I despise it. Hate makes me sick to my stomach…Its pointless. Cowards & weak individuals embrace it. I choose love…I love all of you. I challenge the rest of the world 2 do the same.”

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