Kendall Jenner's Ice Skating Date with Ben Simmons in Philadelphia

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons did what lots of couples do when the holiday season rolls around — hit up an ice skating rink so the guy can watch his GF twirl like she’s Kristi Yamaguchi … but she isn’t. 

Kendall and Ben hit up Philadelphia’s Rothman Institute Ice Rink on Monday — although Kendall was the only one brave enough to slip on a pair of skates. 

We’re guessing the 76ers are happy their star point guard kept his feet on dry land — can’t risk a twisted ankle. Then again, neither can Kendall. Runway models don’t typically do their best work in casts or ace bandages. Luckily for her … it looks like she has genuine ice skills. 

It’s good to see Kendall staying on her feet, unlike that time she nearly face-planted on a bicycle.

Kendall and Ben have been hanging a lot in Philly recently … they grabbed a bite last week after the Sixers took an embarrassing loss, and checked out some college hoops this weekend.

All this after last month’s relationship rebound.

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