Kelly Price No Longer Listed As Missing Person After 'Disappearance'

Kelly Price is no longer listed as a missing person with the National Crime Information Center … this after her attorney met with law enforcement in Georgia.

Police in Cobb County tell TMZ … Kelly met with investigators this week and she has been removed from the missing person list at NCIC.

Kelly’s attorney, Monica Ewing, says cops also conducted a welfare and safety check, as is required in missing persons’ cases, and authorities were instructed to remove her from the National Missing Persons Registry.

TMZ broke the story … Kelly finally addressed going MIA from her family and says while at one point in her battle with COVID she was medically dead, she was never actually missing, despite family members insisting she vanished without a trace.

The way Kelly explained it … she isolated to recover from the virus and was avoiding her family, who she claims she doesn’t really keep in touch with.

Kelly’s attorney, Monica Ewing, insisted to us Price was not missing last week and was safe, despite Kelly’s family calling cops to conduct a welfare check at her home earlier this month, which resulted in Kelly being listed as a missing person.

Now, the case is closed.

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