Katie Price desperate to get ex Kieran Hayler back

When these new pictures of Katie Price and estranged husband Kieran Hayler dropped last week, for a split second we thought we’d imagined their messy break-up. Snapped 
with a huge grin on her face while embracing Kieran – there was no denying the affection between her and the 31-year-
old former stripper.

And Now can reveal that, despite supposedly being loved-up with new toy boy 
Kris Boyson, Katie, 40, is conflicted over her feelings for Kieran. ‘Kate is starting to think 
she might want Kieran back,’ says a well-placed source. ‘Obviously she’s working hard 
to make it look like she and Kris are happy, but we all know Kate wants what she can’t have.’

It’s thought Katie and Kieran’s embrace came after he relented and told her she could spend Christmas with their two children, Jett, five, and four-year-old Bunny. Initially, it looked as though it would just be Katie and her eldest son Harvey, 16, on the big day, with her other children, Junior, 13, and 11-year-old Princess, currently staying with 
their dad, Peter Andre.

‘Kate hates being alone – especially at Christmas – and she wants Kieran to spend the day with her and the kids,’ 
says our insider. ‘She’s been 
telling friends that a magical family Christmas could be 
just what she and Kieran need 
to work things out.’

But their ‘cosy’ car-park meeting is sure to have ruffled some feathers with Kieran’s new girlfriend Michelle Pentecost, 
as Katie puts her plan in place 
to play ‘happy families’ and, ultimately, win her cheating ex-husband back.

‘Kate knows that inviting Kieran to spend Christmas 
with her will get Michelle’s 
back up,’ says our 
source. ‘Every 
time Michelle is away with work, she swoops in – the pictures with Kieran were set 
up mainly to get at Michelle.

‘Seeing Kieran looking 
happy with another woman 
is really bothering Kate, and 
she just can’t understand 
what Michelle has that she doesn’t. This new and happy 
Kieran is the man Kate fell in love with and she’s wondering 
if she made a mistake by 
ending the marriage.’

Katie’s jealous streak over Kieran finding love again started to show back in September when it was reported that 
the mum-of-five confronted Michelle at the school gates and shouted, ‘Are you enjoying f**king my husband?’

Understandably, Katie has tried to move on 
from her failed marriage, with her whirlwind romance 
with on/off 
boyfriend Kris and a brief fling in between with Alex Adderson. But our insider tells us she still seems hung up on Kieran. ‘Kate’s been trying 
to pump Jett and Bunny for information on how Daddy and Michelle get on,’ says our source.

But we’re told that Kieran has absolutely 
no interest in getting back together with Katie and is looking forward to his 
future with Michelle.
‘He can’t be bothered with 
all the drama,’ adds our source. ‘Kieran feels emotionally battered. He has no interest in going back. He’s happy that he’s moved on and is very much in love with his new girlfriend. And as soon as he’s divorced, he’ll be in a position to take his relationship with Michelle to the next level.’

Let’s hope that he gets there before Katie can get to the mistletoe and wine…

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