Kanye West Shares Preview Of Collab With DaBabay

Kanye West shared a 15-second preview of his upcoming collaboration with DaBaby.

“Dababy turned this verse around so quick its inspirational to see how fast we can move as a people. I had to give yall at least a snippet,” West tweeted alongside an animated painting of a skull with long white hair and a flopped-out tongue.

“Let me get ’em Ye/ They gonna hate on me [unintelligible] anyway. They only call me when they have a bill to pay/ Ain’t nobody ask me how I feel today,” DaBaby sings in the brief video.

What sounds like a remix featuring DaBaby comes days after West shared new track “Nah Nah Nah,” which sees him discussing his lofty political ambitions.

“Next time you text, can it wait?/ You are talkin’ to a presidential candidate/ I know you think Obi-Wan gettin’ tired now/ Don’t jump, Anakin, I got the higher ground,” raps West, who is bidding for U.S. presidency.

It is not clear when the Kanye West x DaBaby collaboration will be released.

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