Kamala Harris, America Ferrera & Becky G on the Need to Vote

“The election doesn’t just start on Nov. 3rd, it ends on Nov. 3rd,” Becky G stated on the latest episode of her podcast En La Sala, on Tuesday. Titled “Your Vote, Tu Voz,” the 23-year-old triple threat had Sen. Kamala Harris and America Ferrera as her special guests to talk about the importance of voting in the upcoming election.

The conversation began with the Superstore star speaking about how she’s been reflecting on her life, priorities and how she can give back this year. Ferrera admitted to getting emotional about what is at stake in the upcoming election. 

“It’s been an incredibly challenging year,” Ferrera said. “We have this opportunity in this year and there is so much to show up for and there is so much that is worth our time and our energy. And at the moment, I could burst out into tears just thinking about it, everything is on the line. We have so much to fight for.”

Ferrera said that Latinxs are “bearing the brunt” of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Latinxs being 18% of the population but 34% of essential workers. “We deserve a voice and we deserve representation and we deserve decency and opportunity and the right to live without terrible lies and awful attacks being lodged at us,” she expressed. 

“So, we have a lot to do,” she added. The actress then touched on her latest project, She Se Puede, a community where Latinas interact and share with one another. 

“Latinas alone can be the deciders in this election, in every single state that matters in the outcome of this election,” Ferrera said. “Latinas have the numbers to show up and be the deciders of what happens in this election… So if we show up, we make the difference!”

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