Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith’s Low-Key Relationship Is So Sweet

Following the news that Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith have tied the knot in secret, the couple are now also proud parents to a baby girl.

Here, we take a look at Jackson and Turner-Smith’s budding relationship, from how they first met to when they got hitched—and beyond.

Jodie celebrated her two year anniversary with Joshua.

In an interview with Net-A-Porter, Turner-Smith opened up about her relationship with Dawson’s Creek actor, Jackson, and adorably noted that it was their “two-year anniversary.” “I’m really in love with my husband,” she explained. “That might be weird for people, but I’m doing a pretty good job of not shouting that from the rooftops as much as I would like to.”

Turner-Smith continued, “He’s a really amazing dude. Today’s actually our two-year anniversary. It’s only gotten better and I feel so grateful for that. That’s why I share it sometimes, because I love him, I think he’s hot, I think he’s smart and he’s incredibly talented. I feel so lucky to be in a relationship with somebody who feels the same about me, who is not shy about telling me that or uplifting me.”

Jodie shouts out Joshua his first Father’s Day.

For Jackson’s first Father’s Day as a dad, Turner-Smith celebrated on social media in the best way possible. She shared a cheeky tweet with a series of sweet portraits of her hubby, saying, “many have called him daddy. i made him one.” Respect.

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