Johnny Depp Gets Most Money EVER To Return As Face Of Dior's Sauvage!

The Johnny Depp comeback continues!

We heard last year that Christian Dior was going to re-up with the Pirates of the Caribbean star as the face of Sauvage. He’s been the face of the fragrance since 2015, doing abstract commercials where he drives into the desert alone and plays guitar for packs of wolves. After his big win in the Amber Heard trial TMZ reported the fashion brand was backing him again — and was planning to sign him to a seven-figure deal!

Well, that report wasn’t accurate, as it turns out… they’ve signed him to an EIGHT-FIGURE DEAL!

Yes, per a new report Friday morning in Variety, the French fashion house has committed to a contract for Depp to the tune of $20 MILLION! It’s the largest men’s fragrance deal ever offered to a celebrity, blowing Robert Pattinson‘s $12 mil Dior Homme and Brad Pitt‘s $8 mil Chanel No.5 paychecks out of the water.

This huge news for the Edward Scissorhands star comes amid a potential cinematic resurgence. Johnny is going to be front and center at Cannes presenting his new French-language film Jeanne du Barry. Per The Hollywood Reporter, when the film open’s this year’s festival, Depp will be right there, doing press conferences and everything. It’s a huge gamble, but it shows how much confidence he and the studio have in the court of public opinion being firmly back on his side.

What do YOU think of Johnny’s comeback? Well-deserved? Total BS? Or a bit more complicated than either…?

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