Joey King Opens Up About Making Sure ‘The Kissing Booth 3′ Ending Was ‘Just Right’

Joey King held quite a bit of responsibility when it came to the final The Kissing Booth movie!

The 22-year-old not only stars in the film as Elle Evans, but she’s also an executive producer on the film.

Part of her producer duties included making sure that the ending of the final film in the trilogy was juuust right.

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“Finding the right way to do the send-off and figuring out what was best for the final edit was probably the heaviest area that I was involved in,” Joey told Variety. “That was very exciting for me, because I just want to make sure that for me, for all the filmmakers and for all the fans, that our send-off was just right. I really hope they feel that way.”

“I think it’s so nice that Elle gets to be her own person and make those decisions that are best for her, which is really hard to do,” she added of Elle’s final decision, which spoiler alert – well, read about it here!

“I’m so happy with the way we wrapped this trilogy up, because not only do we give the fans what they’re hoping for, in a way we also don’t,” she said. “I’m excited for people to paint their own picture.”

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