Jobson: Prince Harry is ‘staying away’ from the UK because of Duchess Camilla

Robert Jobson has a new book coming out about Prince William. The book does not sound complimentary whatsoever. Just in the summary blurb on Amazon, Jobson called William “off-hand” and “volatile,” which, given British peeps’ penchant for understatement, means that William is an absolute monster. It’s been said that Jobson is more closely aligned to Prince Charles, which I tend to believe. Charles has his favorite royal reporters and royal commentators, and Jobson’s shown his disgust for both William and Harry. And Meghan. Anyway, Jobson has some thoughts about this week’s royal obsession: slamming Harry and Meghan for traveling to the Invictus Games, where they will be perfectly safe, and not traveling to the UK, where they will be in significant danger.

According to royal expert and author Robert Jobson, Harry’s absence from the UK but willingness to travel to The Hague has “nothing to do with safety, but him feeling wanted” – and he says the prince’s upcoming tell-all memoir is playing a large part in this.

He told the Mirror: “In the Hague he will be feted. His brothers and sisters in arms, past and present, rightly praise the Afghanistan veteran for giving back to the armed forces and not forgetting them. Back in the UK, particularly with his own family, his pending book means he is not cut the same slack. His tome is likely to tackle his tricky relationship with the Duchess of Cornwall, who was confirmed as the future Queen Consort in February by our Queen and is probably the real reason he is staying away. Can you imagine how excruciating it would be over dinner if somebody was to ask what’s in the soon to be published Random House book about them?”

With Harry and Meghan being so close to the royals when they make the trip to the Netherlands, could the couple make the trip to at least see the Queen, who will celebrate her 96th birthday in the same week as the Games? According to Robert, this is unlikely. He added: “I am a big fan of the Invictus Games, and all Harry has achieved with it. I reported on it in London and Australia where it went down a storm. The international competition – taking place from April 16 to 22 – inspires the rehabilitation of injured or sick military personnel and veterans from across the globe, by giving them the challenge of competing in sporting events like the Paralympics. His determination to keep it going is commendable.

“Now, the question is will he pop over to Britain to wish his grandmother, the Queen, a happy 96th birthday on April 21? The reality is it is highly unlikely, given the schism he has caused in the family.

Meanwhile, some are holding out hope that Harry will eventually bring Meghan, Archie and Lilibet to the UK to join in with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in the summer. But in Robert’s view, he cannot see the family even returning to the UK for that. He explained: “I cannot see Harry coming back to the UK this year, despite the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June. How can he possibly face his family knowing what he has written about them in that book? It is his account and for the money he has been paid it has to take no prisoners. It will no doubt cause a lot of pain and damage; some of which may never heal. Remember, putting the fall-out of Oprah and that interview aside, the worst of what he will say about his own family is yet to come.

[From The Daily Mirror]

“How can he possibly face his family knowing what he has written about them in that book?…The worst of what he will say about his own family is yet to come…” That’s pure Charles. Those are the talking points Charles sent out to friendly journalists, that Harry is going to “slam” Camilla and rip her apart in his memoir, and that Harry is, like, deeply ashamed about writing a memoir and can’t face his family? All of this projection is asinine and evidence of the Windsors’ guilty consciences. I have no idea what Jobson thinks he’s doing or why Charles keeps banging on and on about Harry’s book. Chances are very good that Harry won’t even mention Camilla whatsoever. And clearly, Harry isn’t “worried” about facing his trash family again.

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