Jill and Joe Biden Take a Bike Ride During Transition

President-elect Joe Biden and First Lady-in-Waiting Jill Biden got a little exercise in Saturday before the transition team assembled in Delaware.

Joe and Jill breezed past reporters on their bikes as they said hello, a warm greeting that has not been forthcoming over the last 4 years.

A phalanx of Secret Service agents followed closely behind, which is an interesting sign, right? Although Donald Trump will not concede the election, the Secret Service is certainly acknowledging Biden’s the next Prez.

Trump came as close as he’s come Friday to acknowledging he may have lost the election, but it’s virtually unthinkable he’ll concede outright.

TMZ broke the story … Trump stands to make a fortune — like other past Presidents — making speeches for at least a million dollars a pop. Sources also say Trump may be eyeing his own broadcast network which he can use as a megaphone for the next 4 years and then run again in 2024.

Interesting times for sure.

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