‘Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Girlfriend Threatens To Replace Him

It seems like Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and girlfriend Jen Harley are back at it again with the drama. The pair has constantly been making headlines throughout their tumultuous love affair, and after the airing of the last episode of the Jersey Shore reunion series, they’ve done it again.

The most recent episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation picked up right where the previous week left off, which was the moment Ronnie and housemate Angelina Pivarnick’s friend, Jewish Barbie, got out of the hot tub and she was seen getting into his bed. At the beginning of the episode, it was revealed that Ronnie didn’t actually sleep with the other woman and he has since apologized to his girlfriend and child for his behavior on the show.

However, as the episode continued, it appeared that Ronnie and Harley found themselves in another heated argument, and this time, Harley not only involved the couple’s child, but also mentioned Ronnie’s ex and former Jersey Shore cast member, Sammi Giancola, according to a report from Too Fab.

During the episode, Ronnie finds himself opening up to Angelina. He told her he was now single because Harley had sent him a slew of “super disrespectful” text messages.

“Apparently, I’m single ’cause she’s crazy. She’s very disrespectful, telling me, ‘I can’t wait to find a guy to raise your child the way you can’t.’ Sending me screenshots of f**king Sam and her new boyfriend, saying, ‘That’s how happy I’m gonna be next year when I find somebody.’ Super disrespectful,” he said.

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“She tries to say anything that she knows will really hurt me. She knows how I feel about the baby,” he continued.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Ronnie later decided to take a step back from his relationship with Harley. Cast mate JWoww said the couple’s relationship was “way worse” than she thought it was and considers it “unhealthy.”

Ronnie also revealed that he hopes to get a fresh start by moving to California and getting his life back on track.

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However, it is worth noting that the episodes of the show were filmed months before they aired and it seems the couple has overcome their drama for the moment and are currently on good terms. The couple was believed to be expecting another child when they both shared pregnancy photos to their social media accounts, a report from Cosmopolitan stated.

After fans began speculating, the pair eventually cleared things up by saying the photos were throwbacks from Harley’s pregnancy with their first child.

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