Jared Leto Jokingly Calls Himself ‘Entrepreneur’ for Selling Marijuana When He’s a Kid

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the Paolo Gucci depicter in ‘House of Gucci’ recalls moment when he got fired for ‘selling weed out the back door’ of a movie theater.

AceShowbizJared Leto has opened up about his experience as a drug dealer. The actor portraying Paolo Gucci in “House of Gucci” jokingly dubbed himself “an entrepreneur” for selling marijuana in a movie theater when he’s still a kid though he got fired shortly after.

When making an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday, November 24, the “Suicide Squad” star said, “I actually worked at a movie theater when I was a kid. And I got fired for selling weed out the back door.” He then quipped, “I was just an entrepreneur.”

In response, host Ellen DeGeneres joked, “You were hustling. Trying to sell popcorn and weed at the same time. What’s wrong with that?” Jared then responded, “They go well together, some say.”

The revelation came after Jared talked about his new movie “House of Gucci”. He told Ellen, “I think audiences will be very surprised,” he said about the new movie. “It’s in theaters, which is fun to have a film that’s exclusively in theaters, and I’m excited about that because I love going to the movies.”


Back in 2019, Jared told New York magazine’s “The Cut” about his favorite scents and how he knew the “smell of weed” at a young age. “The smell of campfire and fire crackling. The smoke, burning embers. It’s pretty a primal and powerful one,” he said at the time, adding, “I remember the smell of weed, as well.”

“There were a lot of hippies around in my early days,” Jared elaborated. The “Dallas Buyers Club” star added, “I knew the smell of weed before I knew the smell of a lot of things. Sorry, I shouldn’t call it weed anymore, it is called cannabis.”

During an interview with W Magazine in 2014, Jared also discussed selling marijuana in the past. He told the publication, “My first professional job? It’s a toss up if it was selling weed or working at a barbecue restaurant as a dishwasher.”

“At the barbecue restaurant I got paid $2.50 an hour and I had taxes taken out, which I’m fairly certain was illegal at the time. I was just happy to have a job. That meant freedom to me,” Jared added. “The weed could have paid better than the dishwashing. The problem is, you know, is getting high on your own supply and breaking that golden rule.”

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