James Jordan brands Meghan and Harry documentary ‘trash’ in heated row

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James Jordan, 44, like many other celebrities in recent days, has become embroiled in an online debate over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s new Netflix documentary. He got into a heated moment on Twitter with Dancing On Ice professional Mark Hanretty, as the two argued who should “be kind” in this moment.

Mark seemingly sparked the Twitter thread, when he raged about how the new documentary has been covered by the media.

He wrote: “The British press this morning just continue to showcase how negative they are.

“I am sad I live in a country that celebrates negativity in their media.

“Misery loves company and it’s just so depressing seeing the influence such negativity can have on the masses.

“JUST BE KIND!” (sic)

James slammed back in the comments section, saying the Sussexes “should have thought about that too” and that kindness “works both ways”.

He remarked: “‘Be kind’ ??? Maybe they should have thought about that too buddy.

“Works both ways. Be kind until it’s time not to be kind.” (sic)

Mark replied, questioning who would be the first “to stand down” and “choose positive news rather than moaning, shaming and complaining?”.

He also asked: “Is it because the media know the British public will only buy that trash? 

“Or Brits only buy that trash because that’s what they’re fed?”

James hit back, partially continuing Mark’s comment: “And Brits watch the trash they are in on Netflix – slagging off our Monarchy and traditions.

“Only pointing out what most people think mate.

“I wish more people were like you – but they are not unfortunately mate and we need to stand up to them.” (sic)

However, James declared yesterday, when the series was released, that he had no intentions of actually watching it.

He tweeted: “Is it just me that has absolutely no interest in watching Harry and Meghan on Netflix?”

James’ comment section was filled with criticisms, most along the lines of: “Why are people who dislike them and against what they’re doing still obsessed about talking about them?”

Some followers shared some insight from a neutral standpoint, encouraging others to “watch it with an open mind” as it could provide “a bit more understanding” about Meghan and Harry’s decisions. 

However, the professional dancer insinuated that the series would not provide a full picture regardless.

He replied: “It’s only ‘their’ version – the other royals have more class.”

James is not a stranger to online criticisms and controversies as the former Strictly star now provides a weekly opinion column based on the show.

Most recently, the dancer came under fire for commenting on Helen Skelton’s latest routine, which has since been dubbed her “revenge dance”.

James claimed: “I just don’t think it was worth a 10” much to the chagrin of Helen’s fans as well as his wife Ola who said the presenter had “nailed” Musicals Week. 

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