James Charles Teases His First Eyeshadow Palette Since His Discontinued Morphe Collab

James Charles has cooked up something exciting and new for his makeup brand Painted.

The 24-year-old creator hopped online on Wednesday (November 1) to tease the impending release of a new eyeshadow palette. For those who are keeping up with him, it will be his first time dipping his brush into powder products since his best-selling but discontinued Morphe collaboration.

Funnily enough, James even poked fun at his first eyeshadow palette while filming a new reveal video.

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In the clip, James was showing off his new release when he was interrupted by his Morphe Artistry Palette, which appeared to be offended by his new release.

James also revisited other viral moments such as “Flashback Mary,” his blocked-on eyebrows and the viral yearbook photo that led to his breakout success.

“So here it is, the Basic Canvas. Twenty four beautiful, neutral shades. Mattes and shimmers perfect for any makeup artist of any skill level,” he promised once getting back on track. “Because isn’t the makeup that you guys do most just… basic?”

It will be available on TikTok on November 14 and his website the following day.

If you missed it, James recently shared some sister sad news.

Watch James Charles tease the Basic Canvas palette below…

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