Jaime King & Kyle Newman Are Still 'Trying' To Put Their Kids First Amid 'Very Ugly And Messy' Divorce Battle!

Exes Jaime King and Kyle Newman‘s ongoing divorce case has been anything but quick and painless; however, it isn’t for a lack of trying!

As we reported, the Hart of Dixie alum filed for divorce from her estranged husband Kyle Newman back in May after 12 years of marriage. Additionally, she filed a restraining order and an emergency motion related to child custody and visitation. Although the 44-year-old filmmaker has made strides to fight back against Jaime in court since then, a source close to the embattled pair told Us Weekly both parties are still trying their absolute best to keep things level-headed for the sake of their kids.

Describing the contentious separation and how sons James, 7,  and Leo, 5, are sometimes caught in the crosshairs of their parents’ drama, the insider said:

“Jaime and Kyle’s situation is still very ugly and messy, but they’ve been trying to do the best they can for the sake of their kids. Jaime can be very impulsive at times and both of them have a temper, so it’s just a recipe for disaster.”

The source explained that co-parenting the couple’s boys will require a lot more effort until things can cool down a bit:

“There’s still a lot of bad blood and negative feelings toward one another on both sides.”

Well, that part is understandable considering the explosive claims we’ve heard throughout their divorce proceedings thus far.

As mentioned up top, it was King who pulled the plug on the relationship with Newman, and in her official filing, she stated he had been aggressive and emotionally manipulative toward her — a claim which he later denied. The star also alleged he installed cameras in her home without permission before taking their children from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Things only got worse from there as former pair also accused each other of withdrawing money from their joint bank accounts. Jamie said her ex “removed hundreds of thousands of dollars” before taking off with their children, but the Fanboys director later countered her accusation by alleging she “emptied and closed” their accounts and left him “with minimal access to funds.”

Amid court proceedings, Newman painted a grim picture of the actress’ role as a partner and her parenting capabilities. He blamed Jaime for their marriage falling apart and claimed she was “a chronic drug addict and alcoholic” for “the past decade.” The father of two further claimed she had an affair during a trip to Canada in February, but King’s rep denied the allegations and told Us it was just “another vicious, failed attempt” of his attempt to manipulate the court in his favor.

Per the latest trial update, Newman has asked for joint legal custody and full physical custody of their kids, with monitored visitation rights granted to King. Additionally, he’d like his ex-wife to financially reimburse him from their joint funds, submit to random drug testing, complete a parenting course, and keep any mention of the ongoing litigation away from their boys.

It might be safe to say they agree on that last part — but time, more lawyers, fees, and fights will eventually reveal how things will ultimately play out.

Here’s to hoping the family can work through this difficult process as quickly as possible and move on with their lives! Especially for the sake of James and Leo, who are totally innocent in all of this!

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