Is Gigi Hadid Wearing a Huge Vest or a Little Poncho?

With New York Fashion Week in the rear-view mirror, Gigi Hadid is in Milan (and so is her sister Bella … along with her boyfriend), ready to hit the catwalks and bring the world a few steps closer to the end of Fashion Month and the Paris shows. As the model arrived, she was seen wearing a head-scratching knit vest, which seemed too oversized to be a sweater vest (something Gigi's pal Kendall Jenner has been embracing lately) and too fitted to be considered a poncho, another divisive piece that's coming back to stores thanks to fans like Jennifer Lopez.

Gigi's version featured a Fair Isle pattern, with various zig-zags and stripes of color across her chest. The rest of the top was in a more subdued dark charcoal, but the fit is what seemed to skirt the gray area between a preppy vest and hippie poncho. The piece didn't feature side cutouts, like many ponchos do, though the oversized armholes, slouchy shoulders, and exaggerated length made it a degree or two removed from holiday-ready sweater vests and anything you'd see on a tennis court. Can knitwear be both a vest and a poncho? Hadid's piece certainly makes the case.

Gigi finished the look with a pair of creamy winter-white flared pants and mustard-colored Converse lace-ups. She added a pair of tiny, retro-looking Christian Dior sunglasses and a white face mask to complete the ensemble.

Baby Khai is along for the trip, too, with Daily Mail publishing images of the Hadid family strolling out of the airport. Khai was covered with a camel-colored shroud and Gigi wore UGG-style slippers and an oversized floral and paisley sweater.

It's not clear which shows Gigi is set to walk this time around (or if she's simply attending shows to support her favorite brands), but her sister has already made an appearance on the Fendi runway, according to Metro.

Away from Fashion Week, Gigi announced that she'd be co-hosting Next in Fashion alongside Queer Eye's Tan France for the Netflix show's sophomore season. She'll be taking over for Alexa Chung, who hosted the show's inaugural outing, which sees designers competing for a $250,000 prize and a chance to sell their collection on Net-a-Porter.

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