‘I was a d**k when I was younger’ Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter shares rare childhood insight

Emily Clarkson distracted by cat-callers on the street

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“I was a d**k when I was younger because I was insecure and projecting,” Emily shared in a frank, no-holds-barred post on her Instagram page last night, in view of her 224,000 followers. “Can a person change? I didn’t used to think so,” she revealed. 

Emily Clarkson distracted by cat-callers on the street

Change is good. Change is healthy. Change is ALLOWED

Emily Clarkson

“I heard people say stuff like ‘a leopard can’t change their spots’ and ‘once a cheat, always a cheat’, and I thought, that’s that.

“B****es at school are b****es at work. F**k boys stay f**king. Bullies keep bullying. You are what you are and you’ll stay what you were,” she added. 

Now she believes the opposite, declaring, “I think people change ALL the time and I think it’s the most brilliant thing.” 

Of course, some of Emily’s personal changes have been more superficial than others. 


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