Here's That Video Of Miranda Lambert Tossing A Salad (Although, It's Post-Salad Tossing)

Yesterday you heard about how Miranda Lambert, country star and homewrecker extraordinaire, got into it at a steakhouse in Nashville and ended up tossing a salad all up on another woman. Well now there’s some video evidence because you can’t get into it at a restaurant and not have someone film it. Seriously, there are YouTube compilations about this kind of thing.

Yesterday, TMZ released a video from the night Miranda and her friend got into it with a couple at a restaurant. In case you forgot, what had happened was: Miranda’s younger millennial friend got into a fight with a guy in the bathroom about cellphone usage, and that high-octane drama spilled out into the restaurant when the man who hates technology and youth came up to Miranda’s table to yell at them more. This led to Miranda getting involved and scanning the restaurant for a means of defense. Miranda found her weapon of choice: Romaine lettuce. Which, considering all of Trump’s deregulations, is more dangerous than you think!

The lame part is: the video is post-salad toss. I know. What’s the point if you don’t see green leaves of balsamic-coated $10-$20 lettuce dropping all over some woman’s head? So here’s video of Miranda’s friend yelling at the guy whose wife Miranda just salad-dropped:

Love it when the woman goes, “Only in Nashville!” as though this is the wildest thing which could transpire. Girl, there are more obscene things involving salad.

Can’t wait for salad tosser Miranda to turn this whole drama into a hit new country song: “I Tossed That Salad (All Over That Bitch)”.

Pic: Instagram

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